The stage race will start tomorrow from Portofino. Among the big names at the start Antonio Morgado, Noa Isidore, Vlad Van Mechelen, Dario Igor Belletta, Matteo Scalco and many others. The last hour of each stage will be streamed on our Facebook page

Lerici, 31 August 2022 – Everything is ready for the 46th Giro della Lunigiana. There are 5 stages scheduled from tomorrow until Sunday 4, with the riders racing on routes full of opportunities for both sprinters and climbers.

Among the main contenders for the conquest of the Maglia Verde are the Italians Dario Igor Belletta (Lombardia), Matteo Scalco (Veneto), Diego Bracalente (Marche), Pietro Mattio (Piemonte), Luca Paletti (Emilia Romagna), Lorenzo Conforti (Toscana) and Edoardo Burani (Umbria).

The foreign patrol is large and competitive, including Antonio Morgado (Portugal), Noa Isidore (France), Vlad Van Mechelen (Belgium), Matys Grisel (France), Jhonatan Guatibonza Becerra (Colombia), Tomas Sivok (Slovakia) and Martin Bárta (Czech Republic).

At the start also several stage hunters such as Carlo Sciortino (Sicilia), Jens Verbrugghe (Belgium), Michal Zelazowski (Poland), Natan Gregorcic (Slovenia), Federico Savino (Toscana), Filippo Borello (Piemonte), Giovanni Cuccarolo (Veneto) and Alex Stella (Rapp. Lunigiana).


The leader jerseys of the 46th Giro della Lunigiana are designed by PISSEI.

  • Maglia Verde, leader of the General Classification, sponsored by Poliartigiana Srl
  • Maglia Blu, leader of the Points Classification, sponsored by Regione Liguria
  • Maglia a Pois, leader of the KOM, sponsored by Confindustria La Spezia
  • Maglia Bianca, leader of the Young Riders Classification, born after 01/01/2005, sponsored by Spigas Clienti / Terre di Luni
  • Maglia Rossa, leader of the Intermediate Sprints, sponsored by Assessorato allo Sport della Regione Liguria / Memorial Massimo Vanello
  • Maglia Azzurra, leader of the Italian Riders Classification, sponsored by Conad

MEDIA COVERAGE The Giro di Lunigiana opens up more and more to the world and, in this edition, it will give even more space to the story of the race with continuous live updates on the Social pages and beyond.

The main Social Network platform will be Facebook where we will be online before the start of stage with the return of “Lunigiana Caffè”, a corner where the stage of the day will be presented through interviews with the protagonists of the race just a few minutes from the start. Lunigiana Caffè will not have a well-defined time but will start approximately one hour from the departure of the stage of the day.

The big surprise of this edition will be, again on Facebook, the chronicle of the last hour of the race with all the live updates and live images straight from the motorbike of Luca Raggio who will assist and integrate the storytelling of Valerio Bianco and Alessandro Colò from the finish line. To follow our Facebook page click on this LINK.

SUMMARY A 30-minute video summary will be available every evening from 9 pm on the Facebook pages of and Furthermore, for the first time in its history, the Giro della Lunigiana will land on the Social Twitch platform and more precisely on the “Squalo TV”. To follow the channel just click on this LINK.

SOCIAL NETWORK The Giro della Lunigiana is also present on Instagram and Twitter as well as the website