Second French win after the one achieved by Martinez in 2021. Finn and Mottes bring Italy on the GC podium. Final stage to Lospitao

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Casano di Luni, 3 September 2023 – The Marseillaise was played in Casano di Luni where the final celebration of the 47th Giro della Lunigiana took place. The main celebrant was Leo Bisiaux, Cyclocross World Champion and the second French rider to triumph in the history of The Race of the Future Champions after Lenny Martinez (2021). In the final stage Bisiaux defended himself without too much trouble from his main rivals who accompanied him to the final podium, the Maglia Bianca Lorenzo Finn, the youngest rider who started this edition of the Giro, and Lorenzo Mottes, awarded as the race’s most combative rider. In Casano di Luni there was space for a breakaway with Stocker (Austria), Marolt (Slovenia), Uglehus (Norway), Lospitao (Spain), Vecchiutti (Friuli Venezia Giulia), Chinappi (Lazio), Friggi (Umbria), Sasso (Veneto). After having reached a maximum advantage of 2’55” with 35 km to go, the escapees resisted the return of the peloton with Pablo Lospitao, who was skilful in the final sprint where he managed to leave behind the Norwegian National Champion Uglehus. For Spain, it was the first victory at the Giro della Lunigiana since 2002, when José Joaquin Rojas imposed himself on this very finish line.

In the other classifications, victories for Jarno Widar (Points and GPM), Finn (Young Riders and Italian), Capra (Intermediate Sprints), France (Best Team) and Lazio (Best Italian Team) while the Umbrian rider Vittorio Friggi, first on the Montemarcello GPM, received the jersey dedicated in memory of Giammarco Ferrari, who died tragically in 2018. An exciting edition of the Giro della Lunigiana goes into the archives, with great winners and a strongly international touch. A World Champion triumphed, demonstrating the very high level of participants.

1 – Pablo Lospitao Gonzalez 104.1 km in 2h28’41”, average speed 42.009km/h
2 – Mikal Grimstad Uglehus (Norvegia) s.t.
3 – Jaka Marolt (Slovenia) at 1″

1 Leo Bisiaux (France)
2 Lorenzo Finn (Liguria) at 12″
3 Lorenzo Mottes (Trento) at 15″
4 Jørgen Nordhagen (Norway) at 45”
5 Patryk Goszczurny (Poland) at 59″
6 Pavel Sumpik (Czech Republic) at 2’08”
7 Maxime Decomble (France) at 2’18”
8 Clement Sanchez (France) at 2’45”
9 Anze Ravbar (Slovenia) at 4’26”
10 Jakob Omrzel (Slovenia) at 4’39”

The Maglia Verde Leo Bisiaux said: “This victory is splendid, I bring home a historic race whose roll of honour is full of names that have made the history of this sport. Today we managed to control the breakaway attempts in the first 40km of flat terrain and then, once we saw that there were no dangerous names in the leading group, we lifted our foot off the accelerator. In the finale there were attacks but we managed the situation well. In recent years at Lunigiana we have had two overall wins and one second place, this means that our generation is full of talent.”

A few minutes after crossing the finish line, stage winner Pablo Lospitao said: “I am very happy, it was a long day in the breakaway but I managed not to waste too much energy and to choose the right moment to sprint. We collaborated well until the Montecchio GPM, then the attacks started and we were afraid that the group might come back. I’m a fast rider who holds well on the climbs, I’m inspired by Alejandro Valverde.”

The leader jerseys of the 47th Giro della Lunigiana are designed by ALKA.

  • Maglia Verde, leader of the General Classification, sponsored by Poliartigiana Srl – Leo Bisiaux (France)
  • Maglia Blu, leader of the Points Classification, sponsored by Regione Liguria – Jarno Widar (Belgium)
  • Maglia a Pois, leader of the KOM, sponsored by Confindustria La Spezia – Jarno Widar (Belgium)
  • Maglia Bianca, leader of the Young Riders Classification, born after 01/01/2006, sponsored by Spigas Clienti / Terre di Luni – Lorenzo Finn (Liguria)
  • Maglia Rossa, leader of the Intermediate Sprints, sponsored by Assessorato allo Sport della Regione Liguria / Memorial Massimo Vanello – Thomas Capra (Trento)
  • Maglia Azzurra, leader of the Italian Riders Classification, sponsored by Conad – Lorenzo Finn (Liguria)
  • Maglia Rossa, Teams Classification, sponsored by Metalcost – France
  • Maglia Gialla, Italian Teams Classification, sponsored by BVLG Banca Versilia, Lunigiana e Garfagnana Gruppo BCC Iccrea – Lazio
  • Maglia Celeste, combativity, sponsored by Conad – Lorenzo Mottes (Trento)
  • Memorial Antonio Cibei, best Ligurian rider, Lorenzo Finn